How To Create A Lean Content Blog - Gavin's Example | Lean content marketing |

Gavin McMahon (@powerfulpoint) provides a great example of @Scoopit's lean content movement. His content is visually impactful using his doodling sketches to support great notes.

His voice is deep and smart without being pedantic and overwhelming. Each piece you read locks Lego-like to another. From Gavin's example we can draw several lessons including:

* Arresting visuals are helpful.

* Arresting visuals that compliment and support text are best.
* Content that locks together like Lego blocks make the whole stronger.

* Great headlines ROCK and are beyond important.

* Find ways to end at the beginning looping back to core.

Well-done Gavin and a great example of the Lean Content Movement.

Find Gavin's Powerfulpoint powerful example of a lean content blog here: